LIGHT is a trusted innovation resource for
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LIGHT CoCreative is a global innovation consulting firm focused on accelerating sustainable energy.

We curate leading tools, technology, process innovation, industry experts and diverse talent to increase the efficacy of any project.

Our superpowers are deep research, experience design, digital art, rapid-prototyping, strategic marketing, win-win partnerships and limitless cocreativity.

LIGHT CoCreative amplifies the Quality, Vision and Speed of our partners.



The highest standards of excellence and design aesthetics.


Original thought leadership and market insights.


Faster project timelines and execution.

What's In Your Water?

The many challenges and equally promising solutions across our water ecosystem.

Core Capabilities


Market Vision - Illuminate new geographies, customer segments and product categories.


We work closely with leaders to clarify market opportunities, understand customers and gain visibility to trends that are shaping industries. 

Explore our I3 Process
Data Mining
Custom Surveys
GenAI Exploration
Stakeholder Interviews
Data Analysis
Thesis Refinement
Stakeholder Journey Mapping
Infographic + Data Visualization
Concept Development
Collaborative Workshops
Rapid-Prototyping + A/X Testing
Strategic Planning + Future Roadmap
Full Data Room
Insights Report
Survey Design + Report
Interview Guides + Notes
Data Viz Microsite + Executive Presentation
Hybrid Workshop Experience Design + Facilitation

Are you looking to get clarity and validate a new opportunity? Partner with LIGHT to enhance your strategic vision for tomorrow and beyond.


Venture Architecture - Generate bold ideas, architect a new business, build dynamic tech-enabled teams and codevelop any product or service that you can imagine.


We bring a mix of strategic investors, digital tools, industry experts and diverse talent to accelerate and increase the efficacy of any venture. Our proprietary company building process and best practices can take any idea from the whiteboard to a retail floor or app store in less than 3 months.  

Group Ideation and Visioning
Market Research and Insights
Product and Service Design
In-Market Pilot and User Testing
Leadership Development and Team Building
Strategic Planning and Go-To-Market
Venture Thesis and Insights Report
LoFi/HiFi Digital Prototypes and User Tests
Business Strategy, Operations and Marketing Plan
Brand Story, Marketing Website and Product Launch
Strategic Partnerships and Community Events
Investor Pitch Deck and Financial Model

Do you have a big idea? We are ready to help architect, build and accelerate any purpose-driven venture that you can imagine.


Strategic Marketing - Activate original creative content, brand experiences and growth opportunities that will amplify any purpose-driven venture.


We provide world-class creative services to help reach new customers and engage any audience. Our creative content and narratives always come back to our purpose-driven DNA and brand voice. We are passionate about amplifying the reach of heroes who are changing the world and expanding the reach of impactful projects.

Brand Voice and Visual Identity
New Concept Development and A/B Testing
Original Content Creation and Copywriting 
Experience Design and Event Production
Creative Direction and Video Production
Website Design and Development
Strategic Marketing Plan
Brand Identity and Asset Library
Original Video Content and Media
Influencer and Brand Partnerships
Creative Campaign Presentation
Interactive Marketing Website

Do you have a product, service or program that you are looking to grow? We can quickly help you reach and engage thousands of customers.


Ecosystem Development - Build bridges, engage networks and unlock the power of collaboration.


This is core to our mission and vision for a more virtuous private sector. In order to grow and accelerate impactful projects, we have refined a proprietary process for Ecosystem Development. 

This involves thoughtful win-win visioning, business development best practices and high-touch executive outreach with results far beyond automated lead generation systems. We take great pride in our trusted professional network with millions of first and second degree connections that help to cultivate authentic relationships across our network.

Ecosystem Mapping 
Strategic Partner Visioning
Value Proposition Definition
Outreach Copywriting and Template Creation
Prospect Research, Data Mining and Enrichment  
Professional Communications and Meeting Facilitation
Ecosystem Map 
Partner Pitch Materials
LinkedIn + Email Outreach Template 
Ideal Partner Profiles and Research
Prospect List with Data Enrichment
Outbound Communications and Discovery Meetings

Who is your dream strategic partner? We can help you connect and make a truly game changing partnership happen.

LIGHT is not just a typical team of consultants. Their process and approach fills essential employee roles, which is highly variable for any entrepreneur that is not yet at a stage of having a full-time team. Our partnership with LIGHT was crucial for putting the idea of Merlin into action and helping gain momentum. From Strategy to Marketing, I can say that the team provided superlative service and greatly accelerated Merlin.”

Lawrence Williams
Merlin | Zipline | Tesla | Space X

LIGHT has an inimitable ability to take conceptual thinking and miraculously turn it into strategic value. A voice of reason and intelligence in equal measure, they make the complex seem simple and the creative come to life.”

Mimi Nicklin
Founder, Empathy Everywhere | CEO, Freedm

“It was a pleasure working with LIGHT on starting CANOPY's sustainability program. They helped with researching organizations to collaborate with to offset our carbon footprint, as well as communicated our plan in a visually clear deck that I could show to our team members and investors to get them engaged with our programming and initiatives. Ohhh and they were able to turn around documents in hours not days!”

Amir Mortavazi
CoFounder, CANOPY

“There is nothing more delightful than someone designing what I see in my head and heart. On top of that, the entire experience of working with LIGHT felt like a ‘level up’. Top notch experience, high quality execution, and a perfect turnaround time. Thank you!”

Amer Jandali
Founder of Marketplace of the Future

"LIGHT is an incredible organizer for in person events and virtual ones. Their ability to lead the direction of content while giving people their own opportunity to respond authentically is unmatched. I highly recommend working with LIGHT for a virtual or in person event where you need a guide that is smart, tech-savvy, emotionally aware, and creative."

Diz Petit
Founder & CEO, LiquiDonate

LIGHT has developed some incredible new relationships and partnerships for HIFI Labs including a major Fortune 100 brand. Their approach to business development is thoughtful, strategic and professional. I can highly recommend engaging LIGHT if you are looking for new business and growth opportunities.”

Joe Barham
CoFounder & CEO of HIFI Labs

We are a collective of entrepreneurs, artists, executives, operators, technologists, makers, and researchers passionate about authentic, purpose-driven solutions.

Erik Haug
Strategy Leader
Kristina Demirchyan
Partnerships Leader
Michael Giddens
Design Leader
Lauren Wood
Success Leader
Gerardo Carucci
Brand Leader
Lucia Cottone
Story Leader
Devin Edwards
Marketing Leader
Rebekah Clark
Communications Leader
Klaus Heesch
Experience Leader
Joni Swedlund
Empowerment Leader
Annika Morgan
Systems Leader
Hannah Natali
Creative Leader
Javin Chan
Impact Lead
Jeff Meunch
Executive in Residence
Charisse Fontes
Culture Leader
Nina Anand
Strategic Advisor
Nicolas Karram
Operations Leader
Diz Petit
Entrepreneur in Residence
Amer Jandali
Futurist In Residence
Shannon Jagers
Artist in Residence

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CANOPY is a high-end flexible workspace that inspires community, collaboration, sustainability and productivity. The premier workspace brand has 4 locations in Silicon Valley that have attracted major membership, design awards and press mentions. LIGHT is proud to be working on strategic growth through powerful partnerships and Joint Ventures.


CoCreative Marketing


Strategic Partnerships


Sustainability Program

HIFI Labs is a team of creatives, technical visionaries and leaders in modern artist development on a mission to tear down silos, remove roadblocks, and elevate the world’s most innovative artists and their ideas. LIGHT is proud to be bringing more music and art to the world through powerful brand partnerships and activations.


CoCreative Marketing


Business Development



Healthy Young Minds is a pediatric teletherapy platform that offers pediatric mental and behavioral health care with an emphasis on early intervention. The teletherapy is personalized, research and results-driven, transparent, inclusive and accessible care for any child or teen. LIGHT is proud to be supporting product strategy and analytics to increase adoption of this important service.


Product Strategy


Business Strategy


Google Analytics

Empathy Everywhere is a platform by Mimi Nicklin that enables companies and teams to cultivate empathy through tailored training content, communications and experiences. LIGHT is proud to be bringing more empathy to workplaces and organizations through strategic marketing and business development.




Business Strategy


Website Design + Development

We Speak Dance is a Netflix TV show and digital platform that is enabling a global community of music and dance professionals to increase their potential for income, equity, education and impact. LIGHT is proud to be accelerating the design and development of the mobile app MVP for this inspiring venture and community.


Product Strategy


User Research